How Do You Decline an Interview Politely?

To decline an interview politely, you should consider your method of communication, state a reason and then express gratitude. Depending on the circumstances, you should be timely in your communication to avoid any confusion and allow the recruiter to pursue other candidates.

  1. Consider your method of communication

    You can decline an interview by phone or e-mail, or in person. Setting up a meeting is not timely, so e-mails or telephone calls are generally better options. However, if your pursuit of the interview is contingent upon another opportunity, do not decline the interview until you confirm that opportunity. Ensure that the chosen method of communication is directed to the relevant contact. Do not leave a message with another person, as this approach is viewed as unprofessional.

  2. State a reason

    Provide a brief summary explaining why you are no longer pursuing the interview. If appropriate, mention other opportunities you are considering. If there is a scheduling conflict, ask if the recruiter can make any accommodations.

  3. Express gratitude and leave final remarks

    Be sure to thank the recruiter for consideration. If it is a second interview that is being declined, mention the conversations you had during the first interview and how they benefited your understanding of the position. Finally, note that you hope that the interview vacancy is filled with a good candidate.