What Are Some Debt Payoff Grants?


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There are no grants for personal debt available from the government, as of 2015, according to About.com. Instead, individuals should seek out debt assistance, which is available from banks or through credit counseling services. Bankruptcy is also an option for some people.

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The best way to get out of debt is to start with a monthly budget that allows a person to spend less than he earns every month, explains About.com. Once he sets a budget, the individual can set up a debt repayment plan that allows for payment to go towards the debt a bit at a time until he settles it. A debt consolidation loan is an option for some, as they can lower the payments or interest rates. However, these loans do not get to the heart of the problem because they do not address spending problems.

People may also use the service of a financial expert to get out of debt, as these professionals can offer advice on how to budget money. A financial planner, for instance, works to help clients balance their budgets and create long-term plans for investing and saving. Although these planners typically charge by the hour, these plans can help to get a person back on track and are good investments for those who follow through, notes About.com.

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