How Do You Find the Deals and Steals Showcased on "Good Morning America"?

The curated deals featured in the weekly Deals and Steals segment of the morning news program "Good Morning America" can be found on the Yahoo News Good Morning America website. On this site are links to the videos of the actual segments that aired, and those Web pages with the videos also contain the full list of products showcased, along with instructions on how to take advantage of the special offer, such as by including a promotional code.

The Deals and Steals site not only has links to the most current product offerings. It also contains information and links to past episodes and the items showcased in them. For example, "Deals and Steals for That Special Someone," which was an episode in honor of Valentine's Day, is still available for viewing, as of March 2015. Also, a January 2015 episode on special deals related to the Super Bowl is also still available, among many other episodes.

The host of the segment is Tory Johnson, and she has a website with a section for "Good Morning America." In this section, visitors are invited to email her if they are having problems accessing any of the deals showcased in the show. Viewers can also submit product ideas themselves.