How Do You Find Deals on Charter Services?

To find the best deals on Charter Spectrum services, visit the company's website. On the home page is a list of current specials and a place to search for deals in a particular area, according to Charter.

Typically, the best deals available at Charter Spectrum are its bundles, notes Charter. For example, in September 2015, Charter offered its Triple Play, a special deal for those wanting Internet, cable and phone service. Packages often include free HD television, free On Demand movies and shows, a free modem and exclusive mobile apps. Charter is also available on smartphones and tablets with a purchase of one of these bundles.

To find the best deals on Charter, use the online search tool.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Go to the Charter website and enter an address on the right side of the page, under Explore Online Deals.

  3. Choose from the list to learn more
  4. Click on the Learn More button to obtain information about each deal.

  5. Order services
  6. Order services by clicking the Order button or by calling Charter Spectrum's customer service line at 877-453-7155.

The best deals Charter offers are listed on its website. The prices on most of these services are good for 12 months and will go up after that time. Read the fine print on each offer to learn more.