How Does DEA Registration Verification Work?

How Does DEA Registration Verification Work?

Drug Enforcement Administration registration verification, or credentialing, corresponds to a list of active DEA registrants that the DEA provides to the National Technical Information Service. Verification confirms that the active DEA registrant is legally allowed to write prescriptions for controlled substances.

Active DEA registrants may search for other credentialed registrants via the website of the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Diversion Control, on or on, a website that operates officially in conjunction with the NTIS. The DEA itself does not supply registration verification.

The DEA's lists of active DEA registrants provided to the NTIS are available in a Controlled Substance Act database. Various forms of the database are available in different formats, such as Web-based, CD, raw data and for limited searches.

The database is frequently updated and has a corresponding price, which varies by number of users and frequency of access, such as roughly $3,500 for a single user and approximately $18,000 for 11 or more concurrent users who require daily access, as of 2015. For a single user who requires weekly access, the price is roughly $2,800.

Similarly, provides daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and single-issue access to the same CSA databases via Web or CD.

Active DEA registrants may verify other active DEA registrants on under Registration, Resources and Registration Validation Tool. Use of the tool requires an active DEA number, last name or business name, Social Security number and a tax identification number.