How Do You Get a Daycare License?

How Do You Get a Daycare License?

To get a daycare license, you must meet all state educational requirements for running a daycare and the facility you operate from must meet all of your state's health and safety requirements. Additionally, you must submit to a criminal background check.

  1. Provide a satisfactory facility

    Make sure you meet your state's square-footage requirements, whether you are running a daycare out of a commercial facility or your home. Ensure that the daycare space is in good condition. Contact your local business licensing office to find out about your state's requirements.

  2. Meet all educational requirements

    Fulfill your state's educational requirements for operating a daycare. Make sure you have at least a high school or GED diploma. Try to take some courses in early childhood education.

  3. Submit to background checks

    Get fingerprinted for a criminal background check and child abuse clearance for the protection of the children in your care. Don't apply for a daycare license if you have been charged with child abuse or convicted of a serious offense.

  4. Provide a safe environment

    Take appropriate steps to prevent accidents and injuries in your daycare. Install smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and a locking cabinet for storing medicines. Find out if you need sprinkler systems or a hard-wired fire alarm in a commercial facility.

  5. Maintain accurate records

    Make sure you keep enrollment records, immunization records and health forms for each enrolled child. You need to keep injury and accident records, policy change records and employee health forms. Contact your state's licensing agency if you have any questions.