What Is the Best Day to Resign?

day-resign Credit: Cultura RM/Frank and Helena/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

There are a variety of factors to consider when resigning from a job, however, BusinessNewsDaily's Chad Brooks recommends doing it on a Friday. It is advised to always provide at least two weeks' notice in a resignation, but the more time an employee can give, the better.

The reason resigning on a Friday works well is because it helps everyone involved to avoid a certain awkwardness, and it gives you two days to regroup before entering your last two weeks at work. Something to consider is that some companies may make exit plans for the employee escorting them out of the building right after a resignation is handed in. Should an employee expect this rare case, she should quietly remove her personal items from her work space ahead of time. Leaving on a good note is a good rule of thumb and essential to an employee's future. The former employer may need to be a reference later and can make or break the employees' reputation. Work diligently all the way up until the last day, and make notes for the person taking over the role. Adjust the voicemail greeting if applicable, but disable it entirely if that is an option.