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Davis Vision helps people by providing a wide selection of vision care plans that offer eye care services and eyewear discounts; funded coverage for eye tests; and routine eye exams, explains the company's website. The eyewear firm also features eye health and disease management programs that help members learn how to lower the risk of vision loss. Through the Sight from America outreach program, David Vision extends its help to people across the globe who cannot access proper vision care.

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Davis Vision seeks to provide appropriate vision care to help people maintain clear vision, prevent eye disease and improve overall well-being, states the company's website. The firm's Sight from America program distributes frame donations to various countries. Schools, health care clinics, orphanages and other areas with limited vision care have received these frame donations. As of 2015, Davis Vision has donated up to 200,000 pairs of eyewear.

Davis Vision's comprehensive vision care programs allow customers to undergo eye tests and choose prescription eyewear as desired, according to the company's website. The Computer Vision Syndrome and Safety Eyewear Programs feature cost savings when customers combine the programs with routine eye care benefits. Davis Vision also provides Transitions Signature lenses, which adapt to different light settings for clearer vision. The lenses darken immediately when exposed to sunlight and quickly turn into transparent lenses when the wearer goes back indoors.

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