What Data Entry Training Resources Are Available Online?

One resource for data entry training online is a site that teaches basic typing lessons. Many sites offer free QWERTY keyboard typing and 10-key typing training, which is useful for any type of data entry job. Another online resource is spreadsheet software training that teaches the foundations of database entry using one or multiple software programs, such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers.

Some colleges or universities offer online data entry courses for certain fields of study, including business or accounting majors. Many of these colleges make these courses available for individual study or audit without a required major. Many technical, trade and adult schools or institutes provide online courses in data entry, as well. The length of courses changes from one school to another depending on the class policy in place. As of 2015, classes are not generally free and cost anywhere from $250 to $600 plus any associated textbook costs.

Other resources available online are multiple sites with typing tests that rate a person's skill level. This is useful for scoring one on words per minute or keystrokes per hour, which is a quantifiable way to track improvement or skill. A good score can be mentioned on a resume.