What Are Some Dance Instructor Jobs?


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Dance instructor jobs include choreographer, dance teacher and dance coach; the type of dance knowledge required for each position varies. Dance instructors are hired to teach at theaters, educational institutions and private venues. Dance instructors are mentors who help students learn dance moves and encourage them to perform at peak ability levels.

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Dance choreographers are hired to create and teach dance routines performed in plays, musicals and operas. Choreographers also work with dancers hired for music videos and television event specials. Part of a choreographer's job is to work closely with production directors to bring the director's vision to life. Choreographers must also collaborate with musical directors, musicians, costume departments and lighting designers to ensure musical dance routines are staged properly. Flexibility is required to teach dance moves to both amateur and experienced dancers.

Dance teachers are hired by performing arts schools and college programs to provide instruction in various dance disciplines. Dance teachers might specialize in one form of dance such as ballet and only teach ballet courses. Some dance teachers are able to teach multiple styles of dance, such as jazz, tap and modern. High school dance teachers must have a degree, a teaching credential and work experience. A dance coach often works with dance teams or groups; responsibilities include auditioning new members and creating competitive dance routines.

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