How Do You Find the Best Site for Daily Stock Quotes?

CNN Money and the official Nasdaq website offer daily stock quotes. These websites allow a user to search for a specific stock or simply view a summary of certain market indexes or sectors, as noted by CNN and Nasdaq.

The CNN Money markets page contains daily information about some of the common stock indexes, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500. In addition, users can find information about some of the most popular stocks, key statistics, gainers and losers. Information about sector performance, commodities and currencies is also available. A search feature allows a user to look up a stock by ticker symbol.

Visitors to the Nasdaq website can enter up to 25 stock symbols to view associated quotes. There is also a symbol look-up feature to assist in finding a particular company. In addition to daily stock quotes, visitors can find charts, analytical tools, news, fundamentals and holdings information.

The Nasdaq stock market is an American stock exchange that matches buyers and sellers, notes Business News Daily. Companies must meet specific criteria in order to be listed on the Nasdaq stock market exchange. These criteria include a minimum stock price and a total value of outstanding stocks. The Nasdaq Small Caps Market holds stocks of companies that do not satisfy these requirements.