How Do You Find Daily Stock Market Quotes?


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Daily stock market quotes are available on business and finance websites such as the CNN Money website. Major U.S. stock market indices such as the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq, as well as world markets, are featured on the website. The market indices are displayed in real time except for the Dow Jones, which is delayed by 2 minutes, according to the CNN Money website.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average or Dow Jones, is one of the oldest and most popular indices in the world. It is made up of the 30 most influential companies in the world. The bulk of the Nasdaq index, on the other hand, is made up of tech stocks but also includes stocks from other industries such as finance, transportation and insurance.

The Standard & Poor 500 or SP 500, is comprised of 500 widely traded stocks and represents about 70 percent of the total value of the U.S. stock markets. This index gives a good indication of the stock movements, according to Investopedia.

The following shows how to find daily stock quotes via the CNN Money website.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Use a Web browser to navigate to the CNN Money page.

  3. Navigate to the Markets page
  4. Click on the Markets option on the menu bar on the page.

  5. Click on the index
  6. Click on any of the indexes on the page to view stock market quotes.

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