What Do Dachshund Breeders Do?

dachshund-breeders Credit: Ian Payne/Moment/Getty Images

Dachshund breeders are people who breed and raise Dachshunds, a specific type of dog. While breeding Dachshunds and raising the puppies may sounds like an easy task, a lot of preparation and work is required.

Registered Dachshund breeders follow very strict guidelines when it comes to breeding and raising the puppies. Some of the tasks required when breeding Dachshunds involve proper medical treatment and checkups, responsible breeding practices and medical care for the puppies once they are born.

According to the American Kennel Club, Dachshunds are one of the most popular breed of dogs. They come in both standard and miniature sizes and in three different types of coats: long-haired, wire-haired and smooth. Because of the popularity of the breed, which began in Germany and was originally bred to hunt small animals that lived below ground, there are a large number of breeders who make Dachshund puppies available for sale.

When looking for a Dachshund puppy, it is important to ensure that the breeder is reputable. Puppies from a reputable breeder are often registered with the AKC or other well-known dog clubs. This registration not only helps to ensure that the puppy has been bred and raised to high standards, but that the dog's lineage is pure.