What Are Some CWI Sample Test Questions?

Questions that may be present on the Certified Welding Inspector examinations include “What is arc time?” and “Before welding can be done to an industrial welding standard, what does the supervisor need to verify?”

Sample questions may be found in the "CM Certification Manual for Welding Inspectors" from the American Welding Society. Each chapter includes a test with questions similar in style and content to Certified Welder Inspector examinations to give candidates an idea of what to expect. An additional online resource with test questions relevant to welding qualifications includes Tests.com. Search for a welding practice test.

Further information regarding the breakdown of categories and subjects used in both the Certified Welder Inspector examination and the Certified Welding Educator examinations can be found on the American Welding Society website. Welding processes, terminology and fabrication code book applications are three of the more heavily weighted categories within the examinations.