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A curriculum vitae, or CV, is similar to a resume, but it is more in-depth and is often at least two or three pages long. In addition to covering a person's work experience, a CV also lists specific accomplishments such as awards and publications.

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While a resume may be quite familiar to most of those who are in the job market, a CV is a document that is not seen or requested as often. The main difference between the two documents is that a resume is a concise representation of one's work experience and education, typically no more than one page in length. It can be tweaked so that the information highlights a person's experience for a particular job.

A CV, on the other hand, is quite a bit more detailed. It is usually a minimum of two pages in length and is often three or more. The CV gives in-depth information regarding the applicant's education, job experience, publications, presentations, and scholarly or professional memberships. This document also lists honors and awards a person has received throughout his or her educational and professional careers.

The type of position being applied for will dictate whether an resume or a CV is appropriate. A good rule of thumb is that a CV is used when applying for jobs within the academic world. When in doubt, a person should contact the company's human resources department and ask which is preferred.

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