How Do You Cut 1-Inch Plexiglass?


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Plexiglas can be cut by using a power saw, selected based on the type of cut that needs to be made. Circular saws are best for straight cuts, band saws are great for creating large, curved cuts, and routers are good for trimming the edges of flat or formed Plexiglass.

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How Do You Cut 1-Inch Plexiglass?
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Plexiglas material is combustible, as it is an acrylic material. This means it requires special precautions to avoid causing fires and, consequently, burns and other injuries during the cutting process. Power saws create a lot of friction which heats up the material during the cutting process.

Most saws used for woodworking also work for cutting Plexiglass of any thickness. Plexiglass sheets may even be cut by stacking them on top of each other and using a large enough saw, but holding fixtures must be used to keep the cuts from becoming sloppy by holding the material in place.

Circular saws should protrude about a half-inch higher than the Plexiglass to be cut to avoid complications, such as chipping and overheating. These problems occur if the saw is overworked. Additional problems, such as sheet welding and scratches, are avoided by using proper lubrication and felt surfaces to protect the Plexiglass acrylic.

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