How Do You Customize a Marketing Strategy Template?


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Customize a marketing strategy template by modifying each section to meet the specific goals and needs of your company. Outline specific details in sections that cover promotion strategy and product pricing to reflect your business.

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The purpose of a marketing plan is to outline a company's goals and form a clear and actionable strategy to achieving those goals. Most marketing strategy templates include general statements or examples that cover your target audience, the unique value of your product or service, the pricing points for selling the product or service and different tactics for promoting your company. To customize such a plan, you need to go through each section and replace the text with the specific details of your company and your exact plans.

The most detail typically appears in the sections that cover market tactics, such as specific campaigns and materials. This section should include details about promotion on social media sites and relevant publications, along with the outcome you hope to achieve through such actions. In some cases, you may also need to remove or modify sections that don't apply to your company. For example, if the marketing strategy template has a section on distribution tactics, but you offer a local service, remove sections that refer to product shipping and focus on the concept of reaching your target market.

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