How Do You Customize a Free Last Will and Testament Template?

Customize a free last will and template by inputting information about the individual making the will, including the person's address, marital status and details concerning any children, as Legacy Writer notes. On Legacy Writer's website, there are a series of questions for users to answer that help fill in the template. All Law's template has a fill-in-the-blank feature that allows users to put in the appointed executor and guardian of minor children, as the website details.

A last will and testament ensures that a person's property, money and other possessions, go to the beneficiaries outlined in the will, which protects the deceased person's wishes, as Rocket Lawyer explains. Each state has it's own rules regarding wills, and websites such as Rocket Lawyer offer free, customizable templates have for each state.

The forms on Rocket Lawyer ask for information concerning personal assets, digital assets, the people or entities that are designated to receive property after the will-maker's death, the guardians of any minor children, and the name of the appointed executor. In order for a last will and testament to be valid, the will-maker must be of legal age and mentally competent, and validation also requires witness signatures that attest that the will-maker understood the document's implication upon signing it, according to Rocket Lawyer. Some states may require a notary to notarize the witness signatures.