How Do You Customize Business Card Templates?


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To customize a business card template, open the business card template file in Microsoft Publisher, enter the card text, select a font and size and adjust the font alignment. Users can also add logos to their cards or make double-sided cards.

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Run through the following steps to customize the business card template in Microsoft Publisher.

  1. Open Microsoft Publisher
  2. Locate the Publisher program using the Start window or a desktop icon and launch it.

  3. Open a business card template
  4. Select the blank business card template or choose one of the design templates that the program offers.

  5. Enter text
  6. Enter text, such as name, job title, business information, contact information and website.

  7. Adjust the font
  8. Change the font style and adjust the size. If desired, choose a different font color scheme.

  9. Alter the alignment
  10. Adjust the font alignment or choose to AutoFit the text around logos.

  11. Add a logo (optional)
  12. If desired, add a logo to the card by choosing the "Insert Picture" option.

  13. Create a second side (optional)
  14. If desired, add additional information to the back of the card, such as referral codes, discount codes, directions to the business or a motto. To add content to the back of the card, click on the page option in the "Insert" menu. Select the option to insert a page and to duplicate the objects on the page.

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