How Do You Customize a Blank Resume Template?


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Customize a blank resume template by opening the document in a word processing program and changing all the placeholder text to match your information, such as your name and phone number or your personal statement. Insert the appropriate details into the sections for your skills, work experience and education history, adding additional details when necessary.

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Blank resume templates typically contain the basic formatting and structure of the final document, but without any example copy in the different sections, which can make it difficult to discern the appropriate locations to insert some information.

Begin at the top of the document and insert your name and contact information, which typically appears in the header of the page. Avoid deleting lines completely, as this can erase certain formatting aspects and create a disjointed appearance in the document. Instead, highlight sections one at a time and type in the matching information. Move down through the document and repeat the process with any similar sections.

Some resumes present a skills section in a list format, which allows you to type in several short sentences or phrases to cover aspects such as familiarity with different technology or the ability to speak another language. Education sections often have special formatting options for the names of degrees and schools as well as dates, so edit these sections carefully to avoid erasing the formatting. The same may be true for the work history section.

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