How Do You Customize a Basic Marketing Plan Template?


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Customize a basic marketing plan template by adding key information such as unique selling proposition, target customers, product information and product distribution. Add unique company details to essential sections such as situational analysis, marketing strategy, forecast of sales and budget expenses.

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Businesses using a marketing plan template should add unique information based on research and budgetary requirements needed to become fully operational. The situational analysis section reveals current strengths and weaknesses of the market segment and identifies areas where new business can flourish. A way to stand out from other businesses is to include a unique selling proposition, which is a simple statement defining its core identity in the marketplace. Businesses rely on customers to survive and target customer information includes demographic profiles of potential customers, which is used to develop marketing and advertising strategies.

Customized pricing and positioning information includes details about product pricing and how it fits in with company branding. Consumers often associate higher prices with quality products and lower prices with discount products. The distribution section is added to explain how products are distributed to the end-user and might include plans for an e-commerce website. Businesses that sell products online can include an online marketing section detailing how the business website attracts customers through online ads and search engine optimization. Companies using a sales force can include a conversion strategy that details how the company intends to use sales training tools to boost sales.

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