How Do You Customize a Basic Household Budget Template?


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Though the exact methods for customizing a basic household budget template vary depending on the program or tool you use, the general rule is to include specific sections for each income stream and expense. This means changing the names and values of sections to accurately reflect how much you spend.

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When creating a custom household budget from a template, the first step is to log the income for all parties. For example, if you have two people in the household that receive regular pay checks, you need to make an entry for each person that includes their names and the amount they receive each month. In a spreadsheet program, this means making a new row of cells and adjusting the formulas to include the new cell. Online budget building tools such as those found on Kiplinger.com or BudgetWorksheets.org offer special fields for creating and naming income streams.

After accounting for all income, you need to enter all of the monthly expenses for each member of the household. Many templates break up expenses into several categories, such as rent, utilities, loans, insurance and entertainment. Customize these sections to include the exact expenditures of each household member. If necessary, include a name to allow you to quickly identify the person responsible for the expense. Also include the exact amount of the expense, or an estimate of the cost rounded up.

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