What Are Some Customer Service Training Activities and Games?


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Some customer service training activities involve flushing out large or chronic problems from smaller ones and viewing the job from the customer's perspective. Training games include avoiding saying "no" and showing the importance of explaining before doing.

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Flushing out larger problems starts with listing problems then considering whether each problem could have happened before, whether it could happen again and who else it might affect. To view their jobs from the customer's side, trainees write down job duties then describe how a customer would describe each duty.

In "Let Me Tell You What I Can Do," each employee asks another for something he cannot do, such as "I want steak." The other employee offers alternatives instead of saying no, such as "Our cafeteria has good roast beef." "Explain Yourself" has the teacher ask a trainee what colors she likes or where she would like to travel. After the trainee answers, the instructor asks a second employee but also explains the purpose, such as "We are considering painting your office." Discussing how the two answers differ, trainees learn the importance of communicating reasons for actions.

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