What Does a Curriculum Coordinator Do?

Curriculum coordinators are responsible for supervising and organizing education and training programs within schools and community centers. Often referred to as education coordinators or instructional coordinators, curriculum coordinators are also responsible for developing and evaluating teacher training, textbooks and software used in educational settings.

As the chief individual overseeing curriculum, a curriculum coordinator evaluates the current teaching practices, procedures, lessons, policies and standards set at each school, comparing them to state and federal standards and practices at other educational institutions. Based on the analyses conducted, curriculum coordinators develop instructional materials as needed, coordinate the instruction implementation into the classroom, and mentor and train educators. An assessment of curriculum changes is a key part of the curriculum coordinator's job to ensure students are learning and achieving academic goals.

Curriculum coordinators also spend time pairing educators with mentors and planning professional development and training workshops to provide teachers and administrators with updates on state educational standards, software upgrades and enhancements, improved use of technology and successful pedagogical practices. Another part of a curriculum coordinator's job is to evaluate the resources available for students, such as textbooks, e-books, tablets, computers and smartboards, to determine if enhanced resources and funding are available to improve the educational environment.