How Do You Find the Current Value of Sterling Silver?


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Find the current value of sterling silver on the websites for CoinApps and the Scrap Silver Value Calculator. The date and time of the most recent sterling silver price update is listed on CoinApps. The rate is per troy ounce. Site users enter the weight of a piece of silver in any one of a variety of units, and a calculator automatically determines its value.

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The Scrap Silver Value Calculator updates silver prices per troy ounce and gram. The site shows values in British pounds, euros, and U.S, Canadian and Australian dollars. On a calculator, the user selects Sterling Silver and indicates mass and unit. The calculator then finds the value for the given amount of silver. Results are displayed in all five currencies.

As of 2015, the price of silver is lower than other precious metals, according to Bloomberg Business. For instance, in late December 2015, silver was worth just over $14 per troy ounce. The value of the same amount of gold was over $1,000. The price of platinum was over $800, while palladium's value was more than $550.

Although prices have fluctuated, the value of silver and other precious metals has dropped since the beginning of 2015, Bloomberg Business shows. On January 1, the price of silver was close to $16 per troy ounce. The price of gold was almost $2,000. Platinum was worth over $1,200. Palladium's price was almost $800.

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