How Do You Find Current UPS Rates for Boxes?

How Do You Find Current UPS Rates for Boxes?

To find current UPS rates for boxes, use the shipping calculation tool on the UPS website, To receive the most accurate rates on shipments, UPS recommends creating and logging into a UPS account, notes The shipment tool gives an estimate of the cost of the shipment based on the shipment and destination cities, the dimensions of the packaging, packaging weight and the type of UPS service selected.

UPS offers both package and freight cost estimates, states To calculate the rate for a box shipment:

  1. Visit the website and pull up the tool
  2. Navigate to and hover over the "shipping" tab. Click on the "Calculate time and cost" option to launch the tool.

  3. Enter the details of the shipment
  4. Enter the details for the shipment, including the ZIP code and city from which the package is shipping, as well as the destination ZIP code and city. Choose a shipment date, and select the packaging type from the drop-down menu. Enter the dimensions and weight for the package, and choose any add-on services, such as COD or delivery confirmation.

  5. Choose a service
  6. Choose a UPS service from the listed options to see the rate for mailing the package indicated. The system will also show delivery dates based on pickup times.