How Do You Find Current Prices for Recycled Aluminum?


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To find the current prices for recycled aluminum, either check the latest updated table on Rockaway Recycling's website, or visit MetalPrices.com and view one of the website's many charts. Rockaway Recycling offers regularly updated pricing information for multiple forms of recycled aluminum, such as aluminum cans, siding and car rims, while MetalPrices.com focuses on changes in aluminum can prices over time.

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Examples of some of the recycled aluminum products that Rockaway Recycling offers pricing information on include aluminum siding, sheet aluminum, broken aluminum windows, cast aluminum and aluminum thermo-pane windows that do not feature glass. Litho plates, machine cuts and grills are also priced by the recycling company, as are transformers and turnings. The company also offers pricing on the recycling of many other metals, materials and devices including computers and whole cars.

At MetalPrices.com, users find pricing information for aluminum cans through a series of charts that offer historical prices over a period of either six months, one year, three years or five years. The website publishes its charts alongside an embedding code that allows Web developers to integrate the chart onto their own websites or into other programs and applications. The website stipulates that the charts must be viewable for free and that the link leading back to MetalPrices.com must not be removed from the code.

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