How Do You Find the Current Price Per Gram for Gold?


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Find the current price per gram for gold in U.S dollars at GoldValue.co, GoldCalc.com or GoldPriceOZ.com. The last option also provides the price in other currencies.

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At GoldValue.co, click the Gold Price Per Gram tab near the top of the main page to display the current price per gram of gold for purities ranging from 6 karat to 24 karat. To view gold's price per gram on a previous date, click the Previous checkbox in the Settings box beneath the list of purities and prices, and then click the Select Date box to display a drop-down calendar. Select a date to view the price per ounce on that date, and then on the Measure drop-down menu, select Grams to display the price in grams on that date.

GoldCalc.com displays the current price of gold per gram at the top-right of its main page. The main page also features a tool to calculate the value of gold based on measures of weight and purity that you provide.

At GoldPriceOZ.com, click the Gold Price Per Gram link near the top-right of the main page to display the current gold price per gram, as well as a chart depicting the price over the previous three months. Click a tab near the top of the chart to display the price over a different time period, such as the previous six months or 10 years. Click a currency listed on the right side of the page to display the price of gold in that currency.

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