How Do You Find the Current Mortgage Rate Offered by Your Bank?

To find a bank's mortgage rates, check an aggregator site, such as, that compares the mortgage offerings of various financial institutions, or check an individual bank's website. For example, Chase lists the rates for its 15- and 30-year fixed-rate mortgages and for its various adjustable-rate mortgages, including the annual percentage rate, the required points to take out the loan and the monthly estimated payment. lets you search for or compare home loans by inputting information that includes the loan amount, the down payment, the type of loan required, your location and your credit score. The site lists lenders making loans in your area, providing information about rates, fees, annual percentage rates and estimated monthly payments. The site provides links to individual banks for more information.

Some banks also provide calculators to help you know how large a mortgage you can afford. For example, Bank of America provides a tool that estimates mortgage rates based on the property's location by ZIP code, the proposed down payment and the potential purchase price. The site explains how closing costs, lender's fees and mortgage insurance affect the annual percentage rate. Mortgage rates can change daily or even more frequently, as Bank of America cautions.