What Are Some Current Human Resources Issues?


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Current human resources issues include striving to contain costs, technological changes and changing and diverse workforce. Globalization is also an issue in human resources management, as of 2015.

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Many expenses, such as hiring and training cost, arise in managing human resources. Since cost management is a factor determining the success an organization, organizations need to do a balancing act by offering as much as possible to attract and retain good employees, but not offer too much to affect the company’s economic stability.

With technological advancements, organizations are dealing with virtual workers who create a set of challenges. Technology also presents opportunities for telecommuting and flextime, these pose a challenge to management in measuring productivity and ensuring fairness. Technology is also constantly changing, which impacts all practices in human resources.

With globalization, corporations are dealing with workers of different colors, nationalities and so on. Organizations need to develop mechanisms to help multicultural individuals to work together. There is also need to train employees to meet global challenges, and to avoid conflicts that arise with differing backgrounds, languages and customs.

The workforce is constantly changing and organizations have to devise ways of meeting the different needs, wants and goals of these groups. For example, organizations need to train people of different age groups to work effectively with each other. Organizations derive benefits such as creativity and innovation from letting diversity flourish.

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