How Do You Find the Current Bank Savings Rates?

How Do You Find the Current Bank Savings Rates?

To find current bank savings rates, compare banks using's comparison feature. The tool lets visitors compare rates on savings, CDs, credit cards, checking accounts and other loan products and offers both national and local searches, notes

The bank rates tool lets visitors quickly make comparisons on loan products and offers the ability to select a particular savings product to compare rates with local or national banks, notes To use the tool, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the site and access the tool
  2. Navigate to, and hover over the "Bank Rates" tab. Click on the "Compare Rates" option to launch the rate comparison tool.

  3. Set the search parameters
  4. Make a selection under the "What are You Looking For?" heading; opt to compare savings or CD rates, based on the account of interest. Under "Select Type," choose between local and national banks for the search. Select a financial product under the "Select a Product" drop-down menu. Click on "Find Rates" to initiate the search, and then click the "Local" box on the screen that appears and set a location, including city and state before clicking the "Find Rates" button.

  5. Compare rates
  6. Compare the rates listed with the banks in the area.