How Do You Find the Current Bank of America Stock Price?


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Various financial websites, such as Finance.Yahoo.com, MarketWatch.com and Money.CNN.com, provide stock price listings for Bank of America and many other companies. Search for the stock code BAC on these websites to find the Bank of America stock page.

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Finance.Yahoo.com provides detailed stock information and is especially good for historical stock data. The website provides historical stock information for Bank of America dating back to 1986, including stock prices, stock splits and dividend payments. Click the Max button on the chart for a listing of all historical data. Finance.Yahoo.com also provides many extra options on its stock charts, such as the Simple Moving Average, Money Flow Index, logarithmic scale and comparisons with other stocks and indexes.

MarketWatch.com focuses its stock information on daily trading and only provides up to five years of historical data. On its stock page for Bank of America, it includes daily low and high stock prices, the 52-week low and high, market capitalization and average trading volume. Additionally, MarketWatch.com displays a market sentiment bar for stocks, from Bearish to Bullish.

Money.CNN.com also offers five years of Bank of America stock data and focuses on providing overviews of companies, including detailed company profiles, forecasts and related news articles. Click on the Competitors tab for a chart comparing Bank of America stock to related indexes and companies.

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