What is the currency for some different countries?


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Other countries' currencies include the ruble, dollar, euro, peso and dinar. The baht, yen, yuan, rupee and dong are also world currencies. Other currencies are the franc, krone, quetzal, pound and kip, as of 2015.

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The dollar is the currency unit for many countries around the world including Grenada, the United States, Kiribati, Jamaica and Hong Kong. Guyana, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia also use local dollars as their units of currency.

Thailand uses the Thai baht. The baht is subdivided into 100 satang and is issued by the Bank of Thailand. As of 2015, one U.S. Dollar equaled approximately 35 baht.

The euro is used by 19 of the eurozone's 28 members including Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Ireland. Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland and the Netherlands also use the euro as their circulating currency. Previously, each nation used its own currency, but adopted the euro in the early 1990s.

The yen and yuan are used in Japan and China, respectively. China's official title for its currency is renminbi and one unit of the renminbi is the yuan. The yuan is abbreviated as CNY or RMB. The Meiji government officially adopted the yen in 1871.

Many countries such as the Philippines, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia and Uruguay use the peso as their unit of currency.

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