What Is the Currency in Chile?


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The primary currency in Chile is the Chilean peso. The Chilean peso uses the same dollar sign symbol as the U.S. dollar. As of July 27, 2015, one U.S. dollar is equal to 666 Chilean pesos.

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Like the U.S. dollar, the Chilean peso is split up into 100 units called centavos. Originally, one, five, 10 and 50 centavo coins were used; however, due to inflation, centavo coins have fallen out of use since 1983. As of 2015, the coins primarily in use are one, five, 10, 50, 100 and 500 pesos. Banknotes are issued in 1,000-, 2,000-, 5,000-, 10,000- and 20,000-peso denominations. To simplify transactions, most retailers round prices to the nearest 10-peso denomination.

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