What Are Some Culinary Institutes That Offer Bakery Classes?

The Institute of Culinary Education, the Culinary Institute of America and Le Cordon Bleu all offer bakery classes as part of their curriculum. The Institute of Culinary Education offers a number of these baking classes year round, and it has a schedule for when the classes start on its website. The Culinary Institute of America's class is for the general public and is offered on Saturdays. These classes are taught by Culinary Institute of America instructors.

Le Cordon Bleu does not detail how long its classes last or when they start, but it does show what campus locations offer the baking classes and gives users the ability to contact these campuses. Its website also details what kind of program users can enroll in at each of the Cordon Bleu campuses.

The Institute of Culinary Education not only lists what classes it offers as well as what days those classes take place and for how long, but it also lists the prices of those classes. This allows potential students to know the overall cost if they choose to enroll. All three of the websites give a brief rundown of what students can expect once they have enrolled and entered the classes, and the Institute of Culinary Education details the benefits that come from completing those classes.