How Does the CSL Plasma Z Rewards Program Work?

People donating plasma at CSL Plasma access the Z Rewards program through its website by using the last four digits of a donor ID number, their last name and date of birth to reach the Z Rewards page. Donations, surveys and promotions are all worth reward points.

Z Rewards is a CSL Plasma donor loyalty program that rewards donors with points they can redeem for an assortment of items such as gift cards. Donors earn points on three levels including bronze, silver and gold, which correlate with the amount of plasma donated. Donors must complete donations within the same calendar year to achieve membership levels. In addition to online access, donors can access Z Rewards information at a local CSL Plasma center. Every completed donation and survey equals one reward credit; points appear in donor accounts within 72 hours.

Z Rewards expire under certain conditions ? for example, reward points expire if a donor does not log into his account during a six-month period. Z Rewards also expire when members don't make a plasma donation within a certain span of time. People donating plasma for the first time at CSL Plasma centers need to provide valid identification, including a Social Security number and proof of residency. CSL Plasma medical staff reviews the medical history of prospective donors and decides if individuals are eligible for plasma donation.