What Are Some Facts About the CSA 2010 Point System?


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Replacing the FMCSA’s previous safety compliance and enforcement program, the CSA 2010 Safety Measurement System (SMS) identifies high-risk motor carriers. Unlike the previous program, the SMS system considers safety-based roadside inspection violations in addition to out-of-service and improper licensing violations. The CSA 2010 system also evaluates state-reported incidents from the last 24 months, and the system considers performance in the BASIC's (Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories).

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The SMS analyzes measures by "weighing" the violations - combining the time with the severity and weighing the most recent violations more heavily than older violations. To assess violations, the SMS looks at state-provided crash reports and roadside inspection reports, as well as any violations included in those reports. The system also considers any violations found as part of interventions conducted by either state or federal officials.

The SMS system is updated monthly. The most serious red-flag violations include operating a CMV with multiple licenses, while disqualified, or without a CDL, operating a CMV with the wrong CDL group, and driving without a valid license type for the vehicle being driven. Other serious violations include a driver using or in possession of drugs, alcohol or a controlled substance, a driver operating an out-of-service vehicle, and driving after a declaration of out-of-service.

All interstate carriers bearing a U.S. Department of Transportation number are included in the CSA program, regardless of the type of carrier or the size of the company.

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