What Crops Are Grown in Kenya?

Crops that are grown in Kenya include tea, coffee, maize, beans and potatoes. The Ministry of Agriculture in Kenya has also encouraged local farmers to plant and grow several types of crops that have been neglected. These crops include millet, cassava, sweet potatoes, groundnuts and traditional Kenyan vegetables called Terere and Mnavu.

Crops that are exported out of Kenya are typically coffee, tea and horticulture products. As of 2015, Kenya is a major exporter of sugar snaps, French beans, flowers and snow peas into European countries. Out of the three crop categories that make up Kenya's exports, tea is considered the leading export crop and is exported around the world.

The horticulture industry in Kenya refers to the production of flowers, vegetables and fruits. As of 2015, horticulture has an annual growth rate of about 20 percent and makes up 21 percent of all agricultural exports from Kenya. Farming in this industry is dominated by the private sector, with large-scale farms that employ approximately 2 million people.

Coffee in Kenya is typically grown on rich volcanic soils that are located at elevations between 1,500 and 2,100 meters. As of 2015, coffee exports from Kenya make up approximately 20 percent of the country's total export earnings.