What Are Some Criteria Measured on Job Performance Evaluations?

Criteria measured on job performance evaluations varies depending on the nature of the company and position, but it may include the ability to complete projects, the overall quality of the employee's work and the way she responds to directions from supervisors. Some evaluations may also include quantitative factors, such as meeting quotas or earning a score through customer feedback surveys.

A job performance evaluation is a review of an employee's work at a company, focusing on a variety of factors to determine her efficacy in her position and identify any areas in which she may improve. As such, the factors need to match the exact nature of the job to ensure a fair and effective rating. For example, an evaluation for a sales associate at a clothing store may track the number of customers the employee signs up for a store credit card, her weekly total sales revenue and the responses she receives from the customers with which she interacts.

Some job performance evaluations may also look at more general workplace attitudes and activities, including punctuality, an adherence to a dress code or the language she uses while on the job. In all cases, the review highlights the areas in which the employee excels so that she knows her strengths and feels appreciated by the company. It also outlines any improvements the employee needs to make to continue performing her job effectively, such as reducing the days she calls in sick or reaching higher sales numbers.