What Criteria Do Elementary Schools Use for Hiring?


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The requirements for hiring an elementary school teacher vary from state to state and between public and private schools. As of 2015, most public elementary schools require candidates to hold a bachelor's degree and a current state-issued teaching license. Many private schools require a bachelor's degree but no license.

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Hiring requirements for elementary school teachers in public institutions are subject to various state and federal regulations as the schools operate under governmental supervision. It is common for most schools to include a minimum education requirement starting at a bachelor's degree in any field. Another major requirement for a teacher is a teaching license issued by the state in which she is seeking employment. To obtain such a license, the teacher must complete a set amount of teaching experience and complete a written test, though the specifics of each component vary from state to state. Some states accept licenses from other states, though usually with certain stipulations.

The requirements for hiring an elementary school teacher at a private or parochial school vary significantly between institutions as they are not subject to the same scrutiny as public schools. It is important for individuals applying at a private school to speak with its headmaster or board to understand its unique requirements, if any, before applying.

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