What Are Some Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs?


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The key career option for people interested in forensic cleanup is as a biorecovery technician, though there are various subspecialities and niche activities. Some of these specialities include crime and trauma scene decontamination, biohazard removal or remediation, and trauma cleaning. The specific job duties of a biorecovery technician typically depend on the hiring firm.

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While no formal pre-existing education is required for persons entering this field, potential applicants must complete a series of intensive courses covering all aspects of biorecovery training. Required by OSHA, these courses cover such topics as safe handling of blood and bloodborne pathogens, liaising with law-enforcement personnel, equipment use, and personal protection. Students who successfully complete these courses must then pass a formal exam in order to achieve certification.

After schooling, the potential applicant should seek employers who have officially met OSHA standards for the field and who have transparent bloodborne pathogen exposure control plans. These plans supply the basic protocols for handling materials at crime scenes and for cleaning biohazardous substances. Certain inoculations, such as that for hepatitis B, may also be required. Persons entering this field should be detail-oriented, emotionally strong and willing to seek psychological help when necessary. As of May 2014, base pay for entrants into this field is approximately $38,500.

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