How Do You Get a Free Credit Privacy Number?

To get a free credit privacy number, submit a request for the same to the Social Security Administration, according to The application for this number is a process that needs time and patience.

A credit privacy number is an identification number that can serve the same purpose as a Social Security number in particular circumstances, explains It is synonymously known as a credit profile number. An individual can not have more than one credit privacy number, which typically features nine digits.

The credit privacy number can be used to apply for loans from financiers, after which the credit transaction report is issued to the credit reporting agencies, reports However, the Social Security number is still necessary when registering a vehicle, applying for a loan from the government and handing documents to the Internal Revenue Service. The holder of the credit privacy number and Social Security number is held liable for all debts, and as a precaution, the holder should manage his debts carefully.

To prevent committing identity theft, the applicant should be careful to avoid fraudsters who sell stolen Social Security numbers, as stated by One way to avoid fraudsters is to apply for the credit privacy number from the Social Security Administration through an attorney.