How Does Credit Karma Monitor Your Credit?

Credit Karma monitors a person's credit by obtaining credit report information from TransUnion, a major credit report agency in the United States, according to the company's website. It provides a free credit monitoring service that keeps track of credit reports every day, and it informs cardholders of any considerable changes.

Credit Karma does not require credit card information from its users and does not charge consumers, as its website explains. The company assures its customers that there are no monthly fees or hidden charges because it derives its revenue from advertisers. Those who register for the service gain access to a free credit score and credit report. The credit monitoring service that Credit Karma offers informs cardholders if unauthorized users open a new account under their names, making the service a valuable tool for preventing identity theft.

Credit monitoring also keeps cardholders aware of credit report errors and derogatory reports, such as delinquencies from creditors, which can affect their credit scores, according to the Credit Karma website. It is crucial to track this information to build and maintain a favorable credit score.

Credit Karma shows users various offers from credit card providers based on the credit score of a customer, as the company indicates. Users may decide to take the offers or not according to their preferences, and they can use the website's credit monitoring service at any time without limitations.