Will Credit Cards Refund EBay Purchases If the Post Office Has Delivered Them, but I Did Not Receive Them?


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In a case involving a package delivered but not received by the actual purchaser, the buyer must contact the credit card company directly and open a dispute. When there is no malice involved on the seller's end, the credit card company may side with either the buyer or seller. In most cases, credit card companies will issue a refund when the buyer did not receive the item from a seller.

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Buyers of eBay products who wish to initiate a credit card refund should gather together all information related to the purchase before contacting the credit card company. This includes the date of purchase, item purchased, model number, anticipated package arrival date, seller ID and email communications with the seller. Credit companies want all relevant facts concerning the transaction.

It is important to be direct with customer service and state clearly that a refund is desired because the purchased item has not been received. The buyer should politely explain all extenuating circumstances concerning the missing package. For instance, if the package was stolen from the home immediately after delivery, this fact may sway the refund decision in the buyer's favor. Companies are more willing to grant refunds to card holders who demonstrate fairness and a willingness to compromise.

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