What Are Some Credit Cards That Offer Instant Approvals?


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Some credit cards that offer instant approvals to certain eligible customers are the Chase Platinum Visa Mastercard, the All American Gold Credit Card, the American Express Rewards Green Card, Blue from American Express and the Chase PerfectCard, as listed on CreditCardApplications.us. However, although these card applications offer instant approval, only people with a certain level of credit are eligible. For those with poor credit, secured credit cards are typically necessary before being eligible for an unsecured credit card.

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For those who already have a poor credit rating, getting an unsecured credit card is nearly impossible without a cosigner with good credit history who is willing to act as a guarantor on the card, according to information on Sallie Mae. However, secured credit cards are a potential option for those who wish to improve their credit scores and work up to an unsecured credit card.

Secured credit cards are easier to qualify for than traditional credit cards because the applicant must make a deposit up front, which guarantees repayment of the loan, states NerdWallet.com. By making purchases on the secured credit card and paying back the amount owed each month, individuals begin earning good credit. At the end of the credit period, if the card applicant has made all payments in a timely manner and has paid all debts, the card issuer releases the deposit to the applicant. At this point, applicants are sometimes able to move up to an unsecured card without putting down a deposit.

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