What Are Some Credit Cards That Offer 0-Percent Interest?


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There are no credit card issuers that allow customers to carry a balance from one month to the next without paying some interest fees, since accumulated interest counts for a large chunk of income for these companies. However, there are still two ways to use a credit card without paying interest: either pay off the full balance on time every month, or find a card that offers a promotional period with deferred or waived interest, according to About.com.

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The best way to manage a credit card is to pay off the balance each month, but finding a deferred- or waived-interest promotion is a good way to finance a large purchase with a little leeway for paying the money back over time. Most deferred or waived interest-rate promotions last from six to 18 months, according to CreditCards.com.

With a waived-interest promotion, the interest is completely waived until the promotional period is over, at which time interest begins to accrue against any remaining balance. However, if a customer is using a deferred-interest promotion, and does not pay off the balance or misses a payment during the promotional period, the issuer tacks on the full interest amount that has accrued against the balance from the purchase date, explains CreditCards.com.

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