Which Credit Cards Are Metal?

Some metal credit cards include the American Express Centurion, which is made of titanium, and the Visa Black card, which is built of stainless steel. Most metal credit cards have numerous benefits for the cardholders, such as reward points for purchases and access to exclusive airport lounges when travelling. As of 2014, most metal credit cards have high annual fees, such as the American Express Centurion's $2,500 annual fee.

Those who prefer metal credit cards cite the fringe benefits associated with the card as their main motivators. As of 2014, J.P. Morgan Chase offers metal cards such as the Palladium card with an annual fee of $595, with benefits that include 35,000 bonus points upon spending $100,000 in three months. The card also has a concierge service and no foreign transaction fees. The reward points can be used in hotels and airlines for travel among other things.

Critics of the use of metal credit cards claim that such cards are just a status symbol. Proponents say that the popularity of metal credit cards is on the rise as evidenced by the over 10 million metal credit cards in circulation as of 2014. Some users of metal credit cards cite the prestige associated with the card as a motivator.