What Are Some Credit Cards Available Through Credit One Bank?

Credit One Bank offers a variety of cards from Visa and MasterCard, and its inventory includes cards suitable for people with no credit history or low credit scores such as the Credit One Bank Unsecured Visa and the Credit One Bank Cash Back Rewards cards. These cards are ideal for people with credit scores below 660. Some credit cards are available as chip cards, which provide an extra layer of protection against credit card theft, notes CreditOneBank.com.

For people with low credit scores, Credit One offers several notable cards. In addition to the Unsecured Visa and Cash Back Rewards cards, consumers can select the Credit One Bank platinum card and the Credit One Bank Earn More Credit Fast card. These cards have a variable annual percentage yield rate of approximately 17.9 percent to 23.9 percent. They also have an annual fee that ranges from $35 to nearly $100 as of 2015.

For those with higher credit scores, Credit One offers a line of cards such as the Platinum Visa with one percent cash back. This card is available to people with a fair credit rating, which falls between 660 and 699. The Platinum Visa also has a variable interest rate between 17.9 and 23.9 percent as of 2015 and has a $35 to $99 annual fee.

After receiving their cards, cardholders can manage their payments electronically, notes CreditOneBank.com. They can also contact service representatives for support and choose to receive monthly bills in print or electronically.