Which Credit Card Offers the Best Cash-Back Plan?

In 2014, Money cited the Citi Double Cash credit card, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred, the Chase Freedom, the U.S. Bank Cash Plus and the Fidelity Investment Rewards American Express as the credit cards with the best cash-back programs. Credit cards vary widely with respect to their cash-back programs.

Cards offering 1 percent cash back are comparatively easy to find, so finding a card that offers additional cash back on some or all purchases is key to achieving additional savings.

As of 2015, the Citi Double Cash credit card offers 2 percent cash back, significantly higher than the case with many other premium credit cards. Half of the cash back is earned when purchases are made and the remainder is earned when billing statements are paid.

For individuals who use credit cards frequently at grocery stores, department stores and gas stations, the Blue Cash Preferred card by American Express may represent a good card option. Purchases within specific retailer categories earn cash back at the enhanced rate of 3 percent or 6 percent, while all other purchases earn 1 percent.

To truly maximize credit card cash back, one may consider responsibly using two different cash-back credit cards to earn the highest possible reward regardless of spending location.