What Do You Do If Your Credit Card Is Hacked?


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If a credit card is hacked, the cardholder should immediately contact the financial institution that issues the card and report the suspicious activity, according to Consumer Action. The cardholder should report the card as stolen and request a new card; this will help prevent the thief from making further charges and will also absolve the cardholder of financial responsibility for the thief's purchases. Though it is a good idea to immediately report suspicious activity on a credit card, there are federal laws in place that protect credit card holders from financial responsibility for debts incurred as a result of fraud.

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In addition to reporting the fraudulent activity to their lending institution, it is important for cardholders to then check all of their financial accounts to ensure that the scope of the credit card theft is limited. It could be that a variety of financial accounts is affected. Victims of this form of theft may also want to access credit reports from the major credit bureaus, including Equifax, Experian and Trans Union, as recommended by Bank of America.

Those who suspect that their credit card accounts have been fraudulently accessed should follow any instructions given to them by their bank. It is possible that seemingly fraudulent charges could be the result of other activity than theft, so it is important to contact the bank directly to get a clear overview.

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